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Week 1 Wrap-up...Looking Forward
by posted 09/14/2021

It was great to meet everyone on Sunday.  I am looking forward to seeing the team develop throughout the fall.

Weekly Wrap-up

1) I discussed the season focus with the team--Technique and Tactics

2) Drill Progression 

- 1v1 Ground Balls to goal;

- 2v3; 

- Four corners shooting;

- Ended with a scrimmage.

The most important thing an athlete can do during the week is spend 15-30 minutes on a wall or rebounder.  It may be hard to know what to do when standing in front of the wall, so this video will help you get started:

Looking Forward

This upcoming Sunday we will have 45 min of instruction and a 1 hour officiated game.

I am excited to announce the addition of Katherine Lutz, University of Richmond, who will be helping with coaching.  Please welcome Coach Lutz to the team.

See you Sunday.


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by posted 09/08/2021

Welcome to Team Fraser! 


My name is Chris Fraser and I’m excited for the opportunity to coach this team this Fall!  I grew up playing lacrosse in Upstate New York, played in college, and started coaching girls/women's lacrosse when my oldest was in kindergarten (she is a HS freshman now)! 


Fall Ball is Fun Ball.  It's an open invitation to expand individual and team skills. It is a time to get out of your comfort zone and focus on your weaker skills.  At the 7/8 level, we have reached the "technical and tactical" phase in athlete development.  What this means is developing position proficiency and strategy.  Therefore, practices and gameplay will focus on teaching and honing the athletes' skills at analyzing situations and decision-making.  The athletes who put these concepts to use during in-game situations will be recognized by their coaches and peers.  We will also recognize Respect, Safety, and Fun.


I am also excited to announce that the 7/8 teams will be getting coaching help from players at the local college and university.


We will start Sunday with a warm-up to dust the rust off and then dive into new(er) tactics and strategies concepts as many of these girls just aged up from U10 to U12 rules (they can now kick the ball, check an opponent, double team anywhere on the field).  Teaching double teams can be difficult so I’m passing along two very short clips showing (1) how to create a double team and (2) how to avoid/get out of a double team – please show to your girls: 


Defensive Double Teams: 


Attack - Handling Double Teams:


Here are some other logistics you need to know about the season: 


  • Format
    • Week 1 is full instruction,
    • Weeks 2-6 are 45 min instruction & 1 hour officiated games
    • Games are played 7v7 style – 2-3-2 set up
    • Goalies – we like to rotate volunteers – sometimes there is 1 volunteer, sometimes we have 4 and take turns.  I have a set of equipment for the volunteer to use. 
  • Equipment – Bring stick, goggles, mouthguard, water, and PINNIE each week.  We will be playing in the grass - wear cleats if you have them. 
  • Communications – all updates and emails through the Blackhawk website, so please make sure all of your contact info is correct and up to date. You can add multiple email addresses to your account so that work addresses, sitters, grandparents, or whomever you like can receive team updates as needed.

I look forward to seeing everyone on the field Sunday.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions – email or text me @ 540-735-5802



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Katherine Lutz 
Asst Coach 
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